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ETC Solar Water Heater

ETC Solar Water Heater

The ETC Solar Water Heater, provided by us, can be safely used for hard water or bore well water. Our ETC Solar Water Heater does not require heat exchanger for preventing scaling menace, which causes temperature loss. Moreover, the high quality glass tubes in our ETC Solar Water Heater do not choke up or corrode and can be cleaned by using a simple brush. Additionally, total height of our ETC Solar Water Heater is less than that of FPC Solar Water Heater, due to shorter cold water tank requirement.

Known For
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Higher efficiency in cloudy weather
  • 20-25 % cheaper than Flat Plate Collectors systems
  • Less floor space required for the same capacity than FPC systems


ModelNo. of tubesCapacityLPD

Evacuated Glass Tubes

ConfigurationTwo Concentric Borosilicate Glass tubes
Length1500 mm
Outer Tube Diameter47 mm
Inner Tube Diameter37 mm
Glass thickness1.6 mm
Thermal expansion0.000033/ deg. C.
Transmittance of cover tube0.92 average
Absorptive coatingGraded Al-Ni/ Al; Magnetron sputtered
Absorptance0.92 average
EmittanceLess than 0.07
VacuumP Less than 0.005
Typical stagnation temperature250 deg. C.
Heat loss coefficientLess than 0.85 W/sq. m./ deg. C.
Impact resistanceWithstand Hailstorm of 25 mm dia.
Expected tube life15 years
Weight@ 1.35 kg
Warranty5 years subject to conditions
Number of tubes14 per 100 LPD

Hot Water Storage Tank

CapacityEqual to system capacity
MaterialSS 304 Non-magnetic or Mild steel with Ceramic/ Glass Coating from inside
InsulationPUF 55 mm thick
CladdingZn-Al / Aluminum plain/ stucco finish sheets 24SWG

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